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Sexual assault has affected the lives of countless New Mexicans, our families and loved ones. Throughout the year, a network of sexual assault programs work together to support survivors across our beautiful state, in holistic, compassionate and culturally affirming ways.


Yet, New Mexico has never adequately funded sexual assault services. 


Due to the lack of funding and lack of a statewide sexual assault hotline, survivors across our state -especially those in areas of rural New Mexico- may drive up to 3 hours before they can receive the care they need. Other survivors are queued in a waitlist that can take 12 months to be seen. And for sexual assault nurse examiners, the result of insufficient funding results in them baring the cost to perform services out of their own pockets.


The situation is mortifying. Together, we can address this gap in funding. 


This legislative session, the Governor and legislature have the opportunity to allocate funding to support survivors. In a session focused on the budget and “crime”, we must address the full spectrum of violence and allocate money to victims who have been most impacted.


By signing my name to this petition, I call on the legislature and our Governor to stand strong in their support of sexual assault survivors by allocating $5 million dollars to support survivors  across the state, with an emphasis on the most underserved areas and marginalized populations of New Mexico.


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